The disks postponed by the coronavirus: Lady Gaga, Alicia Keys and Sam Smith pausaron their releases, and they are not alone


What are we losing? The world stopped, quarantine is almost total in the East and the West, and from the social networks, the “lives” are the other pandemic: at any time, any musician, in any part of the planet, is giving a live show. The coronavirus has been a brake for the millions of activities that can’t be done these days, or recitals, or events, or even hikes, but some artists have managed to reinvent themselves to reach as your audience. Others, are added to the part total and wait for all of this will go to show his new material, even if it is already ready.

The COVID-19 affected all alike, and, of course, the music is not immune to this evil that still has no cure. Were suspended festivals were cancelled tours, however, were postponed in live events of all kinds, but Friday is still new in Spotify. In front of this admirable presenteeism, there are other and others who choose to say, “this is not the time”. Here is a list of the disks that would have come out by these days, and that was rescheduled for later. When surely the worst is past.

Until further notice. Chromaticathe long awaited new album Lady Gaga had a release date for the next 10th of April, but the american artist decided that this could not be the case and he did know. There is, still, a new official release date, but today a press release in which it said: “I just don’t seem right to launch this album with everything that is going on with this global pandemic. Instead, I prefer to spend this time focusing on finding solutions”. Of course you are also suspended in the shows of Gaga in Las Vegas (the April and up to may 10). Only became known with the single “Stupid Love” and launched the tour in order to submit it, that still stands: it begins on the 24th of July in Paris, and continues until the 19th of August in New Jersey. All that, for now.

Women in Music Pt. III, Haim

The trio of California, the united States, had been releasing several singles over the past few months, but it was not more than a month since we announced the departure of their third album. Women In Music Pt. III, was going to go out on the 24th of April, and had already advance that was produced by the guitarist Danielle Haim, in addition to Rostam and Ariel Rechtshaid. All was going well until last week postearon in your account of Instagram: “Hello everyone. We hope that everyone will stay safe and in house. We are on the 11th day of quarantine, which has given us much time to think. We have been talking every day for hours on our next album and how we want to present it to you. Due to everything that is happening with the COVID-19, and the changing nature of the travel policies and quarantines all over the world, we have decided that it is better to postpone the launch of Women in Music Pt. III, until the end of this summer”. The band regrets having to postpone also the tour that would be playing in Europe and Australia, but make it clear that it is the best decision that could have been taken at this time.

First Rose Of Sring, Willie Nelson

It has almost as many albums as years. All in Willie Nelson it seems like a record: its disk number 70 was going to come out on the 24th of April, but the musician decided to not be the case. First Rose Of Spring finally it will be released on the 3rd of July, not the spring, but when it is summer in the northern hemisphere. The country legend, who will turn 87 years ago, April 29, announced via Legacy Records, a division of Sony Music that bears his catalog, the fans who have preordered the album you will receive later, but as a consolation prize invite you to listen to the singles “Our Song” and “First Rose Of Spring”, a preview of what is to come.

Sam Smith it was for more, not only spent the release date of his next album, but also announced that possibly take another name. Originally titled To Die For, the third album from Smith that was intended for release on the 1st of may, went to June 5. And the name change would have to do with the severity of the pandemic, it is not a good time to talk about “death”. The singer also commented on networks that do not feel in good health and he wrote on his Twitter account: “first of all, I want to send love and strength to all those who have been affected by this situation. I hope you are well during this time, incredibly strange, unsettling, and unprecedented.”

The Prettiest Curse, of Hinds

“We are all we need music now more than ever, and we were very excited to launch our album next month and share it with you! But at this time, the things to give a little bit of fear in Spain, and the coronavirus is something that is affecting many of our loved ones, so at this time we believe that all our focus should be on staying secure and at home, not on to promote a new album” announced Hinds in a press release published a few days ago. Those in Madrid were warned that the album will be released only on June 5, in addition to reprogrammed all the dates of his tour. Spain is one of the countries most affected by the pandemic, behind Italy and the united States, at the close of this edition with 85.199 people infected and 7.424 dead.

MTV Unpluggedof Liam Gallagher

In September of last year, Liam Gallagher he recorded his own MTV Unplugged in the City Hall of Hull, in the Uk. To promote it, was expected to launch it soon in vinyl format, but he believed that it was best to postpone the departure. So he explained on his official Twitter account: “Listen brothers and sisters, due to the blockage, my vinyl unplugged MTV will not be ready for the 24th of April. As soon as the manufacturer return to the action, we will schedule a new date. I will keep you informed. Wash hands, rub each other’s toes, rásquense the rear and sound your nose. Stay safe. LG”.

A Celebration of Endingsof Biffy Clyro

The trio of scottish-prepared the drive that was going to happen to Balance, Not Symmetry (2019) to be presented to society this may 15, but things changed. A Celebration of Endings will newly the 14 of August. The group, and soon, there was only advance two singles: “Instant History” and “End Of”. Something is something.

Notes on a Conditional Form1975

“It takes like three months or something like that to record physically a disk in vinyl, so it will leave on the 24th of April, I think. I’m very sorry if this bothers you or whatever… But for a couple of months, in the grand scheme of things, the delay doesn’t really make any difference”, said Matt Healy, leader of the british band 1975 a few months ago. As a harbinger of what was to come, the band had to postpone the departure of his new album, which they called Notes on a Conditional Formfor the 22 of may. In this case, by the pandemic of the coronavirus.

Possible, Enrique Bubury

No new date in sight, the zaragoza Enrique Bunbury announced that it delayed the launch of Possibleyour new board. I was originally going to leave on the 17th of April, but the serious situation facing the world by the advance of the coronavirus and the delicate moment that lives Spain, for this, has made the former Heroes of the Silence stopping everything until further notice. From his record label announcing that it is still an open pre-order of the album on the platforms as usual, “with a date indicative of the output by company policy, which in any case is final”. The successor of Expectations, then continues to generate intrigue to all their fans.

The health and safety of all is priority #1! Thank you for your deep love and support, I’ll let you know about new dates as soon as possible. Keep positive! Keep powerful! Keep your frequency high and be nice to each other. I adore them”. With that sense posted on their wall of Facebook, Alicia Keys spoke about the difficult time that you are playing live. What was very clear: “I Wanted to tell you officially that the #MoreMyself Tour and my new album #ALICIA it will be postponed. (Good thing: More Myself Book will still be available 3/31)”. In this way, the singer is promoting his autobiography that just came out. Your followers will have something with which to be entertained.

Beyond the Pale, Jarvis Cocker

Back in the ring with your project Jarv Is…, Jarvis Cocker, postponed the departure to the sale of their new album scheduled for the 1st of may . Through the record label Rough Trade, the british artist, he preferred to pass the release for the next 4 September. The weather in your country is not the best, as the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is infected by coronaviruses and announced that in its territory “what’s going to get worse”. With this panorama, Cocker didn’t want to give to know all of the Beyond The Pale, which is known to have seven themes, but yes he offered some singles such as advance.