The FaceTime more strange Lady Gaga | Music


The things of the live, except that it was not in direct. The show Jimmy Fallon issued this morning, a new show in which one of the main protagonists was going to be Lady Gaga with a spectacular announcement. But the thing did not come out as we all hoped.

“Right now I can not tell about it” it was talking about Lady Gaga completely changing the face of the presenter. “I’m so sorry. Right now is a very strange moment. Hello??? Do you Jimmy? I can not see you. Am I on live television?” asked the soloist in new york that she received the affirmative answer from Jimmy Fallon.

Everything was ready for the Germanotta desvelara something very special related to the fight against the Covid-19. Maybe a concert at the global level to raise funds? Do a new song with the end of solidarity? Do some collaboration pending with the that entertain millions of people around the world who are confined in their homes?

We’ll have to wait to know what you have between hands Lady Gaga. “I can’t, I can’t, I can’t say now because I’m still finalizing the details, and I have a lot of phone calls to make,” explained the interpreter whose phone was ringing. “What you can call Me on Friday? he then asked the u.s. apologizing once more and leaping into the roles above.

When it seemed that the time period for this announcement had been agreed upon, Jimmy Fallon gave way to a second call from Lady Gaga. “Hello. I’m so sorry. Can we move our appointment? We could do it on Monday, I will tell you all about it Monday,” promised the singer with a face of visible stress, with the glasses upside down and with his phone ringing again and again.

Judging by the volume of calls it would seem that the soloist is preparing something very big and that could materialize in some sort of Live Aid through the networks as is happening with festivals and online events they are taking part in musicians from all over the world, both in Spain and in the united States, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Tokyo, Sydney,…

Those expecting news of the rumored collaboration between Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande looks like that will have to continue waiting for the official confirmation if it is your photo together in the studio it is not. Remember that just a few days ago, the artist announced the delay in the release of their new album Chromatica.