the German Naomi Seibt, the antithesis of Greta Thunberg

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At 19 years of age, Naomi Seibt is becoming the voice of the climate skeptics. Close to the extreme right, is driven by The Heartland Institute, a group of american experts close to the president, Donald Trump. This is the profile of this young German fight against the “alarmism”climate.

Climate skeptics found his muse. It is called Naomi Seibt, is German and has denounced the “fear-mongering” climate through their videos posted on a Youtube channel. In December of 2019, the Heartland Institute, the group of american experts closed against the scientific consensus on climate change, made the young man his protagonist during the forum on the ‘Realism Climate’, organized on the sidelines of the COP25, in Madrid. A month after the was hired to carry his voice.

“Greta Thunberg has conquered the world with their climate predictions apocalyptic. Naomi Seibt is a rising star, defends a scientific discourse is realistic about climate change. Who is the most reasonable according to you?”, question the Heartland Institute in the legend of a video called ‘Naomi Seibt vs. Greta Thunberg: who to trust?”.

“I don’t want to panic”

Naomi Seibt is driven on the stage as the “anti-Greta”. Hard not to compárarlas: young, eloquent, blondes, Swedish, 16 years old, and the German 19 are both activists but causes opposite. When Greta Thunberg warns tirelessly about the weather emergency, the other warns against the “fear-mongering”.

Without denying the global warming, which is however considered to be “overestimated”, Naomi Seibt questions the impact of human activity on the phenomenon. According to her, the awareness climate is a “bad ideology antihumana”. She hopes to also reassure the young people that are mobilized during the “Friday for the Future”, initiated by Greta Thunberg.

“I would like that young people would not fear the future, or that they believed that the old generations had destroyed the Planet; the animal species and the nature is dying,” he says.

Given the success of Greta Thunberg, Naomi Seibt is inspired by its elements of language and communication. Now take the sentences from the young Swedish, transforming them to your account. For example, “I want you to panic”, released in January, 2019, the Forum of Davos, it became “I don’t want panic, I want you to think”. But Noami Seibt does not seem very comfortable with the comparison: “The reason why I don’t like the term ‘anti-Greta’ is because it suggests that I am also a puppet with brain-washing,” he explained.

Freedom of expression, immigration crisis, and the extreme-right German

Defending against any manipulation, Naomi Seibt speaks of his free will. Located its struggle under the virtuous standard of freedom of expression and against the single thought, claiming its right to “squeeze out skepticism on scientific grounds”

Naomi Seibt says have started to “be skeptical” in 2015. “But that had less to do with climate science than with the immigration crisis in Germany”. He claims that his critical spirit was born in front of issues that came to a consensus in the “mainstream media”. In general, the immigration crisis, feminism, gender theory, socialism, postmodernism… climate change. Questions that are “all linked in a certain sense, and that open the way to totalitarianism.”

The German media have stated that he sympathizes with the far-right party Alternative for Germany (AFD, for its acronym in German). She denies him. However, your first video posted on YouTube is a poem about the bravery, released in April of 2019 the AFD. Also was applauded at a meeting of the party in Munster, at the beginning of February.

In November 2019, participated in a conference of European Institute for Climate and Energy, a group of German experts, whose vice president, Michael Limburg, was in the lists of AFD for the legislative elections of 2017 and it was during this conference that Naomi was noted by the Heartland Institute.

The interest of climate skeptics american

It remains to be seen because a group of american experts is interested in a young activist in germany. The Heartland Institute has the support of the republicans inflow, including William Harper, who worked in the National Security Council of the White House between 2018 and 2019. The scientific founder of the Coalition CO2, an organization that defends the “vital role of CO2 in our environment” was famous for having compared the “demonization of CO2” to the “demonization of the poor jews under Hitler.”

According to the american newspaper, the Washington Post, the great defenders of the CO2 they fear that “the strong will of Germany to reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases is contagious”. In a note in the newspaper, Naomi Seibt is filed by a director of Heartland as “the star” of the fóro on the realism of climate of Madrid, who, “with more than 100,000 visits to his video” would be well-placed to fight against the climate policy of germany.

On suspicion, Naomi Seibt has responded to the mainstream media. “How do you dare?” by recalling the words spoken by Greta Thunberg to the United Nations in September 2019. If the intervention of Greta Thunberg, elected personality of the year 2019 by the Time magazine, had reached almost 1.8 million views on Youtube, the of Naomi is only 38 000. The comparison between the two activists will stop there.

This article it was adapted from its original in French.

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