The incredible training of Alex Morgan being seven months pregnant


The media player Alex Morganworld champion last summer with the united States, continues to maintain a high level of face-to-door despite being in his sixth month of gestation. Morgan, who serves as the lead in the Orlando Prideseems to not have lost one iota of aim.

In the video she can be seen receiving the ball with his back to the goal with a barrier behind; the u.s. is dedicated to guiding the ball and dribble to the cone nearest to you and then shoot at door. Despite the fact that you can’t play for obvious reasons, do not neglect your physical form to return to the pitch as soon as possible.

Morgan faces motherhood with 30 years and to be compromised with the also footballer of mexican origin Servando Carrascowho was the player of the los Angeles Galaxy until the last one of January. He is currently without team.