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The dukes of Sussex want to do everything different. Have changed the cold corridors of Buckingham for sunny California, and the titles of royal highness by an entrepreneurial flair and the media. This has led them to awaken, not to hide and to publicly criticize those who they go against. That’s why Meghan Markle, accompanied by her husband, Henry of England, has made a decision: to stand against the british tabloids that spread false information about her and her environment. To do this has sued against four of them, the most important of the United Kingdom: The Sun, The Daily Mail, The Mirror and The Express.

For their attack, they have decided to pull out the heavy artillery. And has names and surnames: David Sherborne. It has not been necessary that the duke and duchess announce their arrival. The lawyer was already responsible to the public through the web his firm, 5RB, whose information have been made quickly echo two of the most important means of social commentary of the country: Hello! and Tatler.

Sherborne, 52 years old, is one of the most lawyers in the media in the United Kingdom. Is specialized in “media, privacy, confidentiality and defamation, as well as in sports laws and marriage”, according to your curriculum. In addition, he says, “is particularly well-known in the industry and in the press for its wide practice in managing reputational”; in fact, he published a book about it in 2002. Now, says the same brief, defends it to the duchess of Sussex against “the misuse of private information, violation of the data protection and copyright infringement” from those newspapers.

His ex-Royal Highness (ceased to be the 31 of march) will not be their first customers of the royal british family, since he has already defended himself to the late princess Diana, mother of Henry. It is only one of the names that dot its curriculum, in which are read the names of customers that, by themselves, fill the pages of a newspaper: the Trump, the clintons, the Beckhams, Benazir Bhutto, the marriage Douglas-Zeta Jones, the Spice Girls, the writer J. K. Rowling, sir Paul McCartney, Jude Law, Kate Winslet, Sienna Miller, Kate Moss, sir Elton John and his husband, David Furnish, Amy Winehouse, Harry Styles, Cheryl Cole and Mike Tyson are some of them.

Among some of the most well known cases of characters against the media in which he has participated Sherborne is the one that faced Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones against the british magazine Hello!that the actors managed to win in November, 2003. The couple claimed that, in the year 2000, the magazine had published stolen images of their wedding when they had sold exclusive OKanother publication specializing in celebrity. Achieved a compensation of seven million euros.

Sherborne is of warm personality and comprehensive, according to your environment. He studied at the University of Oxford, where he graduated with honors in 1990. His name became particularly well-known in 2013, when it defended to Hugh Grant in the so-called commission Leveson, held by the judge of the same name after the scandal of the illegal wire-tapping of the now-defunct tabloid News of The World. Then the process is put in doubt because it knew that Sherborne, lawyer for the victims, and maintained a sentimental relationship with one of the researchers of the team of Levenson, Carine Patry Hoskins. The two passed then by a process of divorce and had children from their previous relationships. Apparently, in August of 2012 they travelled together to the Greek island of Santorini to see if they could do work that relationship. In the official version said that no, they were not able to take it out on, and that all had occurred after the trial, so that neither verdicts nor evidence nor witnesses had been put into play.

The lawyer also represents one of the stars of the film: Johnny Depp. Sherborne is your advocate in the legal process held against the tabloid The Sun for defamation, because the tabloid qualified as a “violent husband” in their relationship with the also actress Amber Heard, a sour marriage that lasted barely 15 months.

The judgment of Depp is paralyzed, like so many other legal processes, because of the pandemic of coronavirus. The the Sussex also, although the Friday took place the first listen on-line. It came to light messages exchanged between Meghan and her father, Thomas, a few days before the wedding of the duke and duchess, when he was sick and that proves that she was very worried about him. In the view, he was able to listen to Sherborne explain: “The husband of the complainant begged the lord Markle who will stop to help him.” Just a sample made to see that the next few months the trial will give much of himself, and that the name of Sherborne will be very present.

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