The millionaire naked Halle Berry ‘Swordfish’ which took the Oscar | Film and Television


The machismo of the film industry has generated monsters, such as Harvey Weinstein. Dozens of producers took advantage of the talent and beauty of their actresses to get more benefits at the box office thanks to a controversial nude.

It is the case of Halle Berry and your Operation Swordfish 2001, where the producers and the director asked the actress to show her breasts in a scene rise of tone, which would generate enough morbid among the public as well as to go see the movie in theaters.

A sequence of just three seconds for the that took, yes, $ 500,000 (“250,000 euros per chest,” he told the director, Dominic Sena) and that, beyond its superficiality, got that Berry had greater confidence in herself for the next time. In spite of all the film critic was merciless and destroyed the film.

Berry continued his yourney in the interpretation and explained in an interview with the New York Post thanks to that scene managed to gather enough confidence to record one of the sequences most controversial (due to its high erotic charge) of the history of the cinema: the one that appeared in an intimate scene next to Billy Bob Thornton in Monster”s Ball.

“I was in shock, shocked, sad, angry,” he said when he read the script of the film. “I felt that I could connect with the attitude of this character. It was strong, but vulnerable; she was angry but it was fragile. Started a journey and, in the end, thanks to his strength and perseverance, managed to improve their lives,” explained Berry in relation to the character of Leticia Musgrove.

Monter”s Ball, in addition to a great movie, it was an enormous success that brought you the award award for best leading actress. The first (and unique until today) in this category for an actress of african-american descent.

Without the trust that gave him unnecessary naked in Operation Swordfish would not have gathered the courage necessary to record some controversial (and in this case, justified) scenes Monter”s Ball. Would have rejected the paper and we would have been deprived of one of the best performances of the century.