The passion least known of the Angelina Jolie


Always committed to the good causes, Angelina Jolie, knows how to take advantage of his fame and influence to get involved with sensitive issues and help to raise awareness. His work on behalf of refugee children who performed together with UNHCR, Angelina also takes care of the animals.

But this is not only for the pets she shares with her six children (they have several dogs, a rabbit, a hamster and some fish), but rather a sanctuary which houses different species in a situation of vulnerability, in Namibia, Africa.

In that country, Angelina is funding a shelter meant to look after the wild life, in a space in the living rhinoceroses and elephants injured or orphaned by poachersa true scourge that suffer from these animals of the african continent.

In different areas of Africa it is often the case of elephants that are killed to get their tusks and get the precious ivory. Also many rhinos face the same fate, and it is common to find these animals dead or injured at the hands of people who are dedicated to the hunt poaching. The ultimate goal, in addition to the practice as so-called fun, is the traffic of some parts of their bodies.

Sensitized by this situation, the actress decided to fund a wildlife sanctuary for elephants and rhinos injured, where they can cure them and save lives with food and medicines. And thus be able to return to their natural habitat.

The haven is called Shiloh Wildlife Sanctuary, and bears the name of their daughter Shiloh (now identified as John by her decision to change gender) who was born in Namibia, by the decision of the actress of giving birth to her first biological child outside of the united States. The sanctuary also receives the support of several institutions of that country for the same purpose.

Angelina is committed to this cause deeply and so transmitted to his children, three of them adopted in different countries, and three others who had next to your former partner, Brad Pitt.

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The boys, Maddox, Zahara, Shiloh, Pax, and twins Knox and Vivienne, they share with his mother the love for the animals and as they grow they also take their own initiatives to collaborate with this type of causes. A while ago, they organised a sale of organic foods for dogs and the profits are donated to a shelter kennel for abandoned animals.

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