The peculiar quarantine of Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas | News


We know that los lovebirds Joe and Sophie they live together and are going through the quarantine in the same house that they moved into shortly before his marriage…but what we didn’t know it was how different are living in isolation!

In an interview from home with Connan, the star of such hits as GoT and Dark Phoenix, said that loves to spend the quarantine with her husband, and he said that being locked up is not a problem for her. Now, Joe on the other hand not to be worried: “Joe you do not see the time to get out and do a thousand activities, it Is very cute and entertains who crosses! I on the other hand I would stay inside all day, doesn’t bother me not to go out, I’m more timid and I just want to throw myself on the bed with our dogs and don’t do anything,” concluded Sophie, laughing

How about you what side of life you find yourself in this quarantine? Do you Team Joe or Team Sophie? I we read!