The photo of Karol G with the one who said ‘good night’ to his fans: don Anuel AA does not approve of it!


The reggaetonera Karol G fell in love again on social networks with a photo that was, in its time, shocking. Look at how he greeted his fans on the night, does your partner Anuel AA know of this?

Social networks are an environment where privacy does not exist: pictures, videos, messages, stories, everything that can be produced as audio visual, there you see and viraliza in seconds.

So it is with the celebrities. In the last few hours, we saw how Karol G I dedicated a song to his father, and is reached every account fan of the artist and of those followers who shared it to give the music their own family members.

But the photos that generate the most impact are, without a doubt, those where Karol G is not afraid to show, although several believe that up to their partner, the ‘King of Trap’ Anuel AA was lelo know that they released the following image. What was filtered?

With a morisqueta, so he said goodbye to his fans Karol G: lying down, the natural-and not with just a bathing suit since.

Not worth noting all the praise he received, from ‘beautiful’ to ‘cute dreams, cute’. Oh Instagram is set on fire!