The quarantine of Sir Alex Ferguson


“I used to travel to London in the micro, while the boys were doing so by train. One morning, I told Sir Alex that he would go to the capital using this form of transport and that we would see later in Euston. Then, I asked her to take a bag. So I loaded up and set off”, he explained.

“A couple of hours later, after training, I called on the phone and he told me that he would reach the bag to his office, because I wanted a book that was inside. But I was just passing by the airport of Luton!”added.

Morgan continued to develop its story: “Then, I got angry and I hung up! When I got to London, I left the computer on the lawn. But, in that moment, the guys came over to me and pointed me to no end. Clearly, all were aware of what had happened. Therefore, I tried to avoid Sir Alex all the time”.