The secret relationship of Shakira with this famous exposing a photo bomb


April 29, 2020
(12:02 CET)

Shakira it takes many years of being the star of the world. In fact, since I was just a little girl, the Barranquilla’s already made it very clear that his goal was to become one of the singers most successful in the world.

And what is true is that he has achieved. While there is no doubt, and there are the charts to prove it, that your best time in terms of musical success has already past, the colombian remains a star.

And it shows in the social networks. Eye, not because I have to more or less millions of followers in Instagram, but by the many parallel accounts that are managed by his followers, hung in the usual way content related to the couple of Gerard Pique.

The photo of Shakira with Michael Jackson

And has been one of those photos that has left many with the open mouth in the last few hours. Among other things, because in it we see the singer with neither more nor less than Michael Jackson.

Shakira and Michael Jackson

A photo that, obviously, has already many years and that, as expected, has generated a lot of noise in the networks. Among other things, because it is not that they were precisely many know of this relationship between the american singer and Shakira.

In fact, taking into account how much you appreciate the controversy the followers of the singer, there are those who point out that there was a very good relationship of friendship between them. A relationship, yes, more than the unknown.

On the other hand, there are also some who says that the photo is nothing more than a montage and that, by very silly as it may seem, is not real. That’s how do not, only knows the own Shakira. In any case, many have given a good image and has not taken and leave your opinion in the networks.

Mother of mine what two stars”, “The king of pop and the queen of colombian together”, “Amazing”, “I didn’t know that they were friends” or “couple, my mother how much talent together” are some of them.