The sensual photo of Halsey in the takes his side to the ‘Otaku’


Halsey it is a passionate of the image changes. Eccentric costumes, fantasy and radical hair cuts. The singer knows how to reinvent itself without ever losing its identity, and that is one of the things that you like to your fans.

Since its inception, the artist has acknowledged his passion for the asian culturebeing one of the first to highlight its love for K-pop, a musical genre that was not yet very extended.

The artist has collaborated with the boys of BTS andn a topic that is included on the last disc of bangtan ‘Map of the soul: 7’ as well as in the previous one.

As we said before, to Halsey loves to experiment and dare with all. This quarantine has left us various looks that stand out for their resemblance with the outfits of the protagonists of the ánime japanese ‘Sailor Moon’.

A few days ago he posed with a look of uniform style collegiate sailor own of Japan. As if it were a cosplay of Chibiusa, Halsey pulled on some military boots in pink to match with a skirt of tables, a scarf tied at the neck and a wig of the same color.

But the thing is not there, due to the success (the picture has exceeded the two million like me) the singer has continued with his particular hall of the sleeve to rise a second cosplay. This time with the little skirt suit in navy blue, stockings high and a wig with red hair.

An image appears of the most sensual along with hearts floating and in which he has used as a caption is a phrase very evocative of its theme of ‘Alanis’ Interlude’: “bad news, I think that I will die prolifically before have you”.