The strong fight of James Charles and Trinity The Tuck, Drag Race, by the Coronavirus


James Charles stars in a war, and this time it is with Trinity “The Tuck” Taylorwinner RuPaul”s Drag Race, which originated as nothing more and nothing less than by the COVID-19.

Known in the video all the details of this confrontation.

As the entire Internet knows, this is not the first time that James participate in any drama.

Last year, it was found in one of the fights more large with his former best friend and colleague YouTube, Tati Westbrook. The drama between the two in may, was the only thing that we could talk about throughout the year.

However, James opened up about the cost that everything has had on his mental health.

“I’m not mentally in a place where I want to be,” he told the magazine PAPER during a candid interview in November. “What is even more difficult to swallow is that six months have passed since that happened, all the drama”.

He added: “I Thought that to then I would be completely fine, it would return to normal, so to speak, and that is not the case.”

James Charles, Trinity Taylor, Trinity The Tuck Taylor

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