the ‘ville’ of Barcelona (after coronavirus)


Not cited in the document and Ada Colau has mentioned during his speech. But the covenant to revitalize the Barcelona of the confinement, presented this Tuesday, gives off a certain aroma to the spirit that brought forth the 1992 games. At least in what refers to the intentions, because it only was made public, by continuing with the simile, the candidacy; the will of catch your breath of the hand of all the public and private actors of the city. During the opening ceremony of the Olympics, Pasqual Maragall he said the following: “This stadium has been rebuilt, and the city also, thanks to the help of allthat I thank you.” Different context and different actors, but with the same idea of rebirth. And if it happened then, in six years, now the mission will mark a period of 18 months.

The first meeting of the covenant by Barcelona near the three-hour duration. Telematics, as a mark of the times, and with a fifty entities that have been spreading the word to expose their proposals in face-to-circumvent to the extent possible the crisis that will follow the coronavirus. It has happened, it’s understandable that each one has scan to home, which allows you to make a snapshot of the urgent needs of the restorers and entrepreneurs, the trade unions and the employers, the third sector and the mobility partnerships, the universities and the cultural promoters, the merchants, and the lobis, housing advocates and young people heirs of Greta Thunberg. With Colau and Jaume Collboni at the helm, that would be the Maragall and Josep Miquel Abad of the 80’s. Time will tell if this is like the Games or if it ends up more like the Fòrum de les Cultures.

Who desempatará?

Unlike the 92, on this occasion, is not expected to contest the Catalan and Spanish governments. He has made it clear the first deputy mayor to affirm that this is “a covenant of the city and from the city, which does not involve any other management of any level“. And who desempatará the decisions in which there is a disparity? Both Colau as your partner have made it clear that the municipal executive will continue to “taking decisions”. For some of them you will need vote of the opposition, as the modification of budgets. But for others, like the announced cut of streets for pedestrian and cyclist to gain ground, especially in the Eixample, simply lift the thumb of the hand.

In any case, the mayor has shown optimistic to face the challenge. “I note the full confidence that we will emerge from this with a stronger city, united and cooperative than before.” The course will be marked by sectors: economy, urban model and social and everything that has to do with the culture, the sport and the international projection. In July he will be the content of the pact for Barcelona and the idea is that the actions are carried out until the end of 2021. This Tuesday has not been provided concretion, but Colau has cited several topics. And the election has not been for nothing trivial. First: “we can Not to give up the city fill once more of cars”. Second: “We have to take advantage of the occasion to review the model of tourism and make it more sustainable”. And third: “The housing was already an emergency and now there are to look for opportunities”

“We have laid the groundwork for the avenue in barcelona to get out of the COVID,” said Collboni. It remains to be seen if the photo of the boat in the that, in 1992, sailed the architects of the Games (Jordi Pujol, Juan Antonio Samaranch, Maragall, Carlos Ferrer Salat, Narcís Serra and Abbot) is repeated, or if each will pick its own rudder.