Them spread video of Shakira in tiny thong and leaving see more


Shakira it is one of the artists latino most successful in the world, it is clear that everything he touches turns to gold, because, besides being talented boasts a figure of spectacular.

The colombian singer not used to not accustomed to sharing sensual images; however, there was one occasion in which a video swimming in a pool was enough to awaken the lowest passions among their followers.

Were the followers of the singer of “Eyes and” who brought to light the time she broke ground the show as ever done, teaching their attributes within the water.

“I’m doing everything that is necessary to prepare for the tour! Even swimming at midnight! Shak,” she wrote at that time.

The video was shared in the year 2017, in it you can see Shak, enjoying the swimming pool and with a beautiful swimming mermaid showed how well it holds its 43 years, it became crazy to many internet users, because the movement was quite sexy.

Take advantage of the quarantine

Last week, she shared one more of his accomplishments to his fans. The colombian singer gave the example of a woman prepared academically.

Shak bragged in their social networks, their new title that he earned through a virtual course in Ancient Philosophy at the platform Coursera. In addition, its preparation was supported by the University of Pennsylvania.

His studies took him four weeks, therefore, took advantage of the quarantine to take them out. He also shared that his hours of training were carried out after their kids are asleep.

“I just graduated from a course of Ancient Philosophy. I already know that my hobbies are not practical but it took me hours after putting to sleep the kids. Thanks to Plato, its predecessors and the University of Pennsylvania for the ‘fun’ of these 4 weeks,” wrote the singer showing off his diploma.