There’s tension! Filtered images of the uncomfortable encounter between Jennifer Lopez and ex Alex Rodriguez


There are things that are uncomfortable, and the meeting that Jennifer Lopez co-starred with the former spouse of Alex Rodriguez is by far, the best example of this and the media has echoed this news.

A few days ago the youngest daughter of the exbeisbolista, She turned 12 years old and both his father and J-Lo organized a small family meeting and invited to her inner circle, including Cynthia Scurtis, mother of the girl

The media have speculated that the relationship between the singer of 50 years and the former spouse of the entrepreneur is fluid, but these images that have become viral quickly could show otherwise.

It can be seen that both Cynthia as Jennifer Lopez they avoid each other and don’t cross eyes, so that the tension is evident.

This attitude is surprising to the fans of the actressthat has shown in their social networks very well and carries with the daughters of Alex Rodriguez, who in turn also do well with it.

What is certain is that you would not have to ask many smiles to Scurtis, who not only share custody of their little with the current boyfriend of the dancer but in addition, you will have to deal with in your future wedding.

However, there are fans of the songwriter to ensure that the images were taken out of context, trusting that the relationship between all of it is positive.