This is the handsome and toned brother of Zac Efron that will take your breath away on the social networks


Actor Zac Efron always starts whispering to his step, however, is not the only one in your family that achieves this effect, as your brother Dylan has also gained many likes, followers and praised for her beauty and toned, as well as athletic body.

This is the handsome and toned brother of Zac Efron

Dylan Efron is 27 years old and a soul very adventurous, as it is a passionate of the world of fitness and of all the extreme sports, so in your account of Instagram has registered the best moments of each one of the disciplines you like to practice on a daily basis.

His impeccable face, as well as your hair very lightly they do look very manly and appealing to the eye-female, more than once have pined to your photos in which in addition shows every one of the medals or awards received in different marathons or sporting activities in which it participates.

Brother of Zac Efron enjoys collaborating with social works

Dylan has also shown his human side, as he like his brother are working together on social projects or charity for the defense of children.

With this more of a follower has been enternecido and has allowed him to gain more than 500 thousand followers in their social networks that receives many compliments.

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