To be beautiful must-see stars! Cardi B is embellished at home And almost tear off the skin!


Cardi B it is known for its extravagant costumes and multiple hair styles that she has worn throughout his artistic career.

To be seen with the mane red, blue, blonde, or pink, and the nails always fixed, the rapper american has shown that your appearance is very important to her.

It is for this reason that the brunette has been affected following the closure of beauty salons, because of the pandemic that is being lived in the whole world.

But with the wit that characterized, in the wife of Offset got a beautician coverage at home, or at least so you can appreciate in one of his recent videos.

Lying on a bed, with chinstrap included, the artist gives us to understand that he is receiving a treatment, probably with wax, to remove hair in the intimate area. What a daring!

In the videotape, which she published under the premise that “Today is the day of pain”, you can listen to the interpreter of ‘I like it’ screaming with despair, even before they started plucking.

It is worth remembering that Cardi B is complying with the quarantine in Los Angeles, a city where you are only allowed to work in grocery stores, supermarkets and pharmacies, so that visits to the classroom should wait.