To WEEKS OF GIVING birth – Liarys Hernandez showed the amazing transformation of your figure


For its part, this week the current girlfriend of the guru of social networks, Irrael Gomez, Liarys Hernandez monstró the breakthrough figure to a month of having given birth to her child first child Noah.

In turn, the businesswoman and model venezuelan, Liarys Hernandezpublished through his account on the social network Instagram, a fonto where wore, in a bathing suit two-piece cream color, her statuesque body just weeks after giving birth to her son Noah Gomez.

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“I’ve always taken my own diet, but this time I decided to get in contact with @keylifranco she will help me with my workout routines and my diet, of course, adjusting to the postpartum period. I must confess that I have lost full muscle mass and legs feel like jelly ?but I’m confident in it … The challenge starts today, I’ll showing the results !! ???”, he wrote the creole in the photo caption of the post.

The picture reached more than 33 thousand I like in just hours of publication. Many comments were of the followers impacted by the rapid recovery of Liarys.

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