Tom Holland and Chris Pratt together in a magical journey


After that, in the two last years, Disney-Pixar the launch of sequels of franchises that were already known as The Incredible 2 and Toy Story 4, and after the success that was represented by Coconut (2017) at the box office worldwide, the production house premieres today States, his new movie with an original story, in which the magic will be present.

The film, which in its English version (available in some rooms) features cast multiestelar formed by Tom Holland, Chris Pratt, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Octavia Spencerit focuses on a few brothers trolls who embark on a great adventure that will allow them to discover how great life can be.

They perform a spell that could bring your dad back to life for 24 hours and one of the brothers is involved in the process and what it takes to lose, so they only manage to get half of your body, then go in this journey, told us about the current interpreter Spider-Man in an interview. It is a story of a lot of heart about two brothers that become more and more united, ” he said.

For his part, Pratt, son-in-law of Arnold Schwarzeneggersaid that the tape congeniará with the public, because the background of the story is very close to what is experienced in reality. The film about the real relationships, the loss and the reality of our mortality, expressed the actor who gives life to Star Lord in the Movie universe of Marvel.

Holland shared that it was fun to perform the dubbing process, an area with which you are already familiar, since at the beginning of this year premiered Dolittle and in December of last year, the animation film, Spies, Hidden. “Chris and I we only had one session together, it was very funny, but what was really funny was that one went to a session and improvised, then six days later you returned there at the studio and Chris had done a session improvising on what I had done, told Holland.

(With information from Agencies)