Trends of cuffed jeans according to celebrities


The cuffed jeans that revolutionized the decade of the seventies have not been absent from the closets of the celebrity world’s most recognized for at least the last decade. But particularly have been a piece that is irresistible to members of royalty or even for the distinguished actresses in Hollywood, in the months most recent have been conjugated with elegant white shirts, blouses and even with a shoe as comfortable as the tennis or high-heeled shoes.

Discover how they combined the celebrity best-dressed and, according to them, how it will be this year.

What color are the cuffed jeans as Kate Middleton?

Kate Middleton chooses clear shades.

© Karwai Tang

Kate Middleton it is one of the icons of kingship that takes time, evoking an air of elegance and sophistication, although on some occasions it becomes the jeans or pants flareds of a wide range of chromatic in your best ally to build outfits more casual. The pieces produced in denim usually presumirlas in a shade of dark blue with a slight worn at the top, betting on a classic touch that ends up defining with a white shirt. However, another opportunity has opted for a pant green dry combined with a few flats on tone burgundy, to match a sweater of the same hue and with a dazzling bag the French company Chanel.

Also, the duchess of Cambridge is attracted to the black and the camelmodels that are generally characterized by a hemline shorter than usual, a luxury that you can give for your height. Kate Middleton combine these hues with tennis whites without any kind of ornamentation, neck blouse closed stripes, ruffles, a knit fabric or thin shirts to tone with a plaited belt.

What material are the cuffed jeans according to Victoria Beckham?

Victoria Beckham accompanies his cuffed jeans with a coat

© Paul Hubble

Since the designer English Victoria Beckham launched its signature of the same name in 2008, their looks of street style have not ceased to captivate. And part of that charm is attached to skirts or dresses midi from your own collection, but also to cuffed jeans medium-throw in a shade dark blue, like the one here combined with a t-shirt, coat half leg and wooden platforms.

The style of pants that are usually used Victoria Beckham they are made entirely in denim or from a denim with a small dose of polyester and elastane, which manages to make them resistant and with an elasticity of only. In the same way, the chromatic range in which supports to create outfits huge ranges between shades as borravino, red, black, and white.

What details are the cuffed jeans according to Margot Robbie?

Margot Robbie wears cuffed jeans in the photocall of once Upon a time in Hollywood.

© Tim P. Whitby

Margot Robbie is the australian actress who in recent months has been in the mouth of all for their performances on tapes, as Bombshell or Once Upon a Time in Hollywood although it has also been time to conquer us with each of their looks and give us some lessons fashionistas. The styling that has worn in a photocall of London next to Brad Pitt and Leonardo di Caprio is a clear example of this.

On the occasions that we have seen Margot Robbie boasting cuffed jeans almost always has led to subtle details or delicate. In the event london has opted for a model in a shade of white with pockets-embroidered to the front, to play with a shirt in a yellow ultra-soft and closed-toe shoes in the same range. In their looks of street style it has also opted for pieces in a light blue lightweight and wornthat pay homage to the seventies.

How physical you are the better the cuffed jeans according to Salma Hayek?

Salma Hayek it takes some cuffed jeans in New York.

© James Devaney

To Salma Hayek it is recognised by its appearance petite curvy and taking into consideration this premise is not all that surprising that you choose cuffed jeans as one of the flagship models in their closet. This court provides a balanced image, at the same time she manages to stylize the figure and harmonizing the volume of the hips. The actress and producer mexican combines the cut of the pant trend of the season with blouses floreadas, t-shirts and almost always a blazer fitting in the waist in case you need to assist to events or on outings informal.

How do you combine the cuffed jeans
agreement of Jennifer Lopez?

Jennifer Lopez looks cuffed jeans in a total look monochrome.

© Emma McIntyre

Jennifer Lopez it is one of the celebrities that has declared its loyalty to the skinny pants, but at some time or the other has given us a look sketched from cuffed jeans flush with the ground. How have you been merged? with a few stilettos-metallic, and in a total monochromatic look at the event ‘Oprah’s 2020 Vision.

On another occasion, has worn in a shade of dark blue, with a white shirt or blouse, translucent long sleeve with added a loop of extremely delicate and sophisticated. Rings gold XL to game and belt to the hip to complement the outfit the actress and singer.

What are the mistakes to wear cuffed jeans according to Eva Longoria?

Errors to wear cuffed jeans according to Eva Longoria.

© Chris Weeks

The errors to wear cuffed jeans according to Eva Longoria are show them with some boots flat and a t-shirt or a top that falls below the hips. It is always advisable, especially for the figure petite, wearing trousers with stilettos or boots needleand garments like shirts into pants to achieve stylize the figure.