What closer than ever? As well confesses to Vanessa Hudgens your love for Zac Efron!


The COVID-19 is constantly causing changes in our lives, the majority for evil, but very once in a while come good and new news wrought by the pandemic. One of them definitely was the meeting after a decade of High Scool Musical. The opportunity to see Vanessa Hudgens, Zac Efron, and the other was unique and very expected.

To regret of many, in the special HSM, the interpreter of Troy Bolton could not be more than a few seconds in the air presented to his ex-girlfriend and colleague and the fellow. They were the ones who got the transmission to the air, they sang, they danced, they laughed and entertained the public from their homes. The event gave thanks to the idea proposed by Ashley Tisdale to relieve the distress produced by the running of the bulls, and what better way than to reunite the band that has been in the hearts of all.

The official version indicates that Zac Efron he did not share screen with your friends by Vanessa Hudgens, since after their separation neither of the two came back into contact. During these past years, the actor put on a special effort to move away from the role of the ‘cute guy’ that can only be understood by a sports star, this proved it with statements on the issue of his latest film “Baywatch”. But this would not be a nuisance to the young man, who has no drama in continue to remind ‘Gabriella Montez’.

This weekend, the actress of ‘Exchange of Princesses’ we surprised everyone with a rendition from the car “breaking free”, a song from the first movie of High School Musical. This caught my attention because it was a topic that remains in the retina of the fans, the film is the scene where Troy and Gabriela are in the beginning of their relationship. What the actress misses her ex?