What is your dog in your reflection?


I do not like the generalizations, mind you. When people ask me what I think of germans, I answer: I do not know, do not know them at all.

The case of dogs is something different. To each breed, cattery name, or family, we can attribute certain characteristics that speak of his dominance, his docility, intelligence or energy.

In Ancient times –before the internet and social networks is all of Antiquity – the choice of a particular breed or cross will be based on certain physical characteristics and behavior that make a particular race ideal to hunt, guard the house, or as the company, under the skirts of a few ladies, hence that dreadful appellation of lap dog. Already with the arrival of the cinema or the TV, there were certain phenomena manners in the choice of dogs: the 80’s were the years of the German shepherds; 90 of the Yorkshire and the Huskies and malamutes;in the 2000 come the husbandmen, and today we are witnessing the golden age of the bulldog French and dachshunds.

But the thing has changed a lot. The emergence of social networks, the influencers, the “fotocoles” , the god selfie and the dominant cult of the image, with filters, have led to the choice of a certain race due to two fundamental reasons: it is the dog that carries Paris Hilton, or that has Cristiano Ronaldo; and/or combines very well with my cap with studs in Snap Chat.

If you were wondering what the dog has, for example, Britney Spears, the answer is simple: the same as the dissolute Paris Hilton, a chihuahua. Well, more than one. Well-known is the fondness of Paris to lose their chihuahuas in the course of those long ibiza nights.

In the case of the actor Jim Carrey, the confusion between the character and the person, gives rise to misunderstandings. It might seem that Jim has a jack Russell (like his character in The Mask) that is consistent with its histrionics, but the reality is that the main character of the Truman Show has a peaceful and good-natured Golden Retriever.

Who has a Jack Russell –remember, Freckles, the dog of doña Esperanza Aguirre – is Mariah Carey, who by the way travel in first class in a seat next to the singer, in the style of Pancho, the dog millionaire.

There are cases, at the very least, fun. If you ask them for a artistic partner of Jennifer Lopez, who has a name of dog….In fact, were right, the sweet and sexy Jennifer, is a Pit Bull Terrier, a revelation of intent to the chonis of this country.

Finally, my idolized Charlize Theron, who, having the gross but well in the filming of Mad Max, shared their moments of quiet in the dressing room with his beautiful Cocker Spaniel.

From www.mimomimascota.com since we recommend a responsible choice and consequent of the dog. Which take into consideration the pace of life of the owner, the space where you will live, if you are going to live with other dogs,etc…

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