What Romance hidden? Look at the photo that shows the love between Shakira and Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson after having several years out of this earthly world continues to be trend today

Michael Joseph Jackson was an american singer who left a legacy in the world of the show since its inception showed signs of professionalism and prominence on the big stage.

And in this opportunity we have found with a picture that has left us amazed as we can see in detail that Michael is with the also singer Shakira.

This image is a surprise for all of us makes it clear that the colombian had a relationship in secret with singer Michael It’s all a surprise!

The photograph in question is note that has many years circulating in the social networks as Shakira carries with it a look at the style of Marilyn Monroe and Michael Jackson your outfit and style usual.

The question that all your fans are asking is What did Michael Jackson and Shakira together? Since when were we friends? It is true that until the moment, everything is an unsolved mystery.