Will Smith feels responsible for the misinformation about the coronavirus


Will Smith has admitted that he feels responsible for the misinformation about the coronavirus derived from his film “I am legend”. The actor appeared alongside his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith on the program Network Talk Table to talk about the Covid-19 and send a message to the population about the dangers of disinformation in these moments so critical.

The day Tom Hanks he reported that he had coronavirus, the film’s post-apocalyptic “I Am legend” was a trend on Twitter as people joked about the possibility of a world similar to the film in the coming weeks. And Smith has done nothing of grace, because they think that the pandemic that plagues the world is not or much less to take it up to the light.

The actor believes that his film is making a lot of people is bad reporting on the consequences of the Covid-19. “I’m doing this because in 2008 I Am legend. So I feel responsible for a lot of misinformation,” he said in the interview. “The public still loves I Am legend, but there are many inconsistencies in that movie.”

Your experience with virologists

The pandemic in the film, is very different from the Covid-19 , and Smith, though he plays one, “I Am legend” is actually not a virologist. “When I prepared myself for the role I had the opportunity to go to the CDC. I developed a basic understanding of the virus and the pandemics that really changed my way of perceiving the world. There are basic concepts that people don’t understand… What I want is that we now have the opportunity of going through the basics and then take to heart the experts”, he added.

The program Network Talk Table also includes interviews with a virologist and a patient infected with Covid-19 , as well as some useful tips on how to tackle this pandemic. The words of Will Smith serve to remind the population that the virus is very real, and this is not a movie. For fun that seems to compare the real with the fiction, we must not forget that it is a serious problem, and we must not take it lightly.