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He has since he was a teenager devoting himself professionally to the dance and, at age 30, has already worked for the pop stars most important. Britney Spears, Katy Perry and Jennifer Lopez are some of the artists for which she has danced Willie Gomez. But this dominican, who lived in Los Angeles wants to start dancing their own songs, and the eye, because his debut on the music may not paint better. On this ambitious project speaks to us in LOS40 Global Show, the program that leads Tony Aguilar on LOS40.

“I am also a dancer, so as the first theme I wanted a song that made people dancer,” says the singer about Wethis first single official. “I have between 40 and 50 issues that I have been composing with the best writers and we have already chosen the top 10 that are going for the disc”.

But what is the history of Wille Gomez? He same he tells us: “When I started dancing at the age of 14 I also started giving singing lessons and interpretation. However, I went to work as a dancer at 17, and I stopped everything else to get money. I focus on the dance,” he explains. “Four years ago, I woke up that urge to continue to grow and do things that I like, and I went back to the music. I went out with Wet and all the topics that I am writing for my album, which will be out very soon.”

Still no date for the release of their debut album, but promises to be a work full of Latin rhythms and dancing, but in which also will accommodate the music more melodic. “With ballads I want to show a different side of me. As I come from the dance they all think that all the drive is going to be moved, but there is dancing, holding on, too.”

An example of such a music more melodious be found in Your logic, a promotional single that is already available on all the major platforms.

Willie Gomez and his experience with Britney Spears

Tony Aguilar also asks Willie Gomez Britney Spears, with whom he worked for almost ten yearsand he disposes of praise to the Princess of Pop. “With it was another dream and another roll. Is someone who I love very much and I admire you. It has given Me many opportunities. I started with it in 2008 and until 2017. She supports me now a lot with music”.

More recently he has worked with Jennifer Lopez, with whom he rubbed shoulders in lto iconic Super Bowl this 2020. “It was one of the milestones of my career. I still can’t believe that I was part of something so big. We rehearse six days a week, ten hours a day…the process was intense, but an experience that I will never forget. The thing more beautiful was to be part of it and see to JLo be a part of the whole process. She was involved in everything and that is why it came out as it came out“.

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