X-Men: Dark Phoenix labeled as the biggest failure of 2019


In a sad epitaph for what was once a franchise is innovative, the last film of 20th Century Fox s X Men The film saga suffered an indignity at the end: has been qualified as the biggest failure of 2019. In fact, the commerce site of the Internet industry, Deadlinereleased its annual publication on post-mortem inspection in the office of the year earlier this week. And at the top of your list of failures from the box office is Simon Kinberg Phoenix Dark.

According to Deadline, Fox and, therefore, their new owners at The Walt Disney Company, took a bath of $ 133 million in what was supposed to be a correction of the course of the franchise after the disappointing (but still profitable) X-Men: Apocalypse in 2016. While Phoenix Dark it was presented by the writer and director Kinberg as a superhero movie more intimate “driven by character” that could occur with a tight budget, what has always made the choice to remake the legendary history of the comic book “The saga of the phoenix dark” is even more inexplicable given their War of the Galaxies-as a sweeping epic, the film ended up costing at least $ 200 million.

This was the result of Phoenix DarkThe third original act that does not satisfy any of the public evidence before the who played. Hence the initial delay of three and then seven months. Originally scheduled for release in November 2018, far away from the competition of the summer, and long before Marvel Captain Marvel and the true epic cosmic space travel Disney, Avengers Final GamePhoenix Dark it was delayed from its original date until the 14th of February, and then finally on the 7th of June. It was an unfortunate situation that caused the need for re-filming significant portions of the film, including the climax, with the hope of increasing the share of the action.

The reshoots did not save the finished film. Despite starring Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy and Jennifer Lawrence, who appeared in featured franchises previous X-Men: First class (2011) and X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014), as well as Sophie Turner at the height of its post-Game of Thrones stardom, Phoenix Dark he received criticism in his most scathing, who ended up with an anemic score of Rotten Tomatoes 23 per cent. Viewers average was a little better, getting a CinemaScore of “B-“, which although it was not horrible, presaged a mouth-to-mouth mediocre. Opening to only $ 32.8 million, Phoenix Dark not even finished in first place during its first weekend and earned the total gross the lowest in the history of the movie X-Men, finishing his career with $ 252 million throughout the world.