You know the house that Alexa Dellanos presumed to figure in a bikini in the company of her boyfriend


The property of the model and Alec Monopoly has a spectacular and enviable views of the Caribbean Sea

Alexa Dellanos, who is the daughter of the presenter Myrka Dellanos, has recently shared with his followers several pictures of his home in The Dorado, Puerto Rico, where she enjoys spending time in the company of her boyfriend, the artist Alec Monopoly.

The model has been uploaded to your account Instagram some photos that show enjoying several corners of the property that has in known as the Paradise of Puerto Rico.

In addition to its guest rooms, the property stands out for the spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea and the works of art of new york artist.


The kitchen of the house is open and combines tones of grey and white.

It also has an island in the centre that serves for cooking, to prepare food and to eat, to have a space for two people, your stove and its hood.

Dining room

The dining room consists of a rectangular table chocolate color with space for eight chairs that combine the beige of your seat and back with the coffee the legs.


To one side of the dining room has the living room, which is made up of a sofa coffee for three people, a coffee table, white, as well as a couple of armchairs that attract attention by being woven, like any good piece of furniture of beach.

Due to the high temperatures recorded in the area, the room has its own fan for cooling to Alexa, Alec, and their guests at time of heat.

It also has a cabinet of brown and a tv mounted to the wall.

Master bedroom

The master bedroom is comprised of a large bed that stands out for its bedding color white and its head of golden hue.


The terrace is one of the favorite places of her beautiful house, with furniture for rest, to eat and to enjoy an incredible view of the sand and the sea.

On the terrace you have a wooden table with seating for six diners, as well as a small living room consists of two armchairs of white.


The terrace also has a jacuzzi in which Alexa and Alec likes to spend time and cool off.

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