You know the Kim Kardashian guatemalan that boasts lush attributes light clothing


Each day more and more presenting guatemalan that charge fame on the social networks, as its beauty captures the attention of thousands of followers, one of them is Sandy Gómez.

The sensual conductive is known on Instagram as “Watermelon”, and is commentator of sport; however, they are not for his skills on the sport so that has caught the attention.

She has become one of the women more hot, sexy and lush of the screen guatemalan girl. His foray into the world of sport was as an aide, then went on to speak in front of the cameras.

Has been compared with Kim Kardashian and Jimena Sanchez, the host of Fox Sports, for her enviable figure, which does not hesitate to boast light clothing or transparent attire.

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The past year alone has shown an impressive physical change, your life is more healthy and supplements it with exercise, especially lifting weights.


Sandy Gomez before and after Twitter

She is the mother of two beautiful children that he had with Marvin Avila “Titiman”, a football player in guatemala, now she is single.

The most followed

Due to the fame of Instagram many are fighting for having the largest number of followers. However, on this occasion, we introduce you to guatemalan women who have excelled because of the amount of followers that you have on this social network.

The model and current wife of Edwin Luna, lead singer of la Trakalosa de Monterrey, has captivated fans with its sensual photographs, reaching more than a million followers.

The host, presenter and now radio announcer has called the attention after a video of her dancing to one of the successes of Daddy Yankee outside reposted by the artist, becoming viral thanks to their movements. Asturias 820 thousand users.

The exmiss Guatemala has 612 thousand followers and is considered one of the most loved by the public. After being a presenter of a national programme, now is an entrepreneur.

The beautiful guatemalan now has a line of clothing that has reached hundreds of users in the market, thanks to its originality.

Wife of pastor Cash Luna, pastor Sonia account with 457 thousand followers. It is very beloved among the community of Instagram because it is characterized by sending messages of hope.

According to his biography of Facebook, is in charge of the ministry of the intercession of the House of God, in addition to sharing the Word in various conferences and ministries dedicated to women.