Zac Efron is fat in 2020 and we have your current photo


Zac Efron became the wet dream of a generation after participating in High School Musical and after its passage by the saga of a musical comedy, was dedicated to turning your body into a sort of Gabriel Soto gringo, but apparently those muscles disappeared and now Zac Efron is “fat”.

The sex appeal of the actor has been questioned, after he released a video in which Zac Efron appears eating chicken wings with tremendous cachetotes.

Zac participated in a program of the YouTube channel First We Feast, specialized in interviews with celebrities, while enjoying wings with different hot sauces and making a tour for his career.

Agree with the naysayers of the Internet, Zac looks overweight in the video, and highlight that looks very, but very, cachetón.

Yommy, yommy

The truth is that it looks more fat than most of the drafting of the Urchins, but the critics of the Internet are experts in crucifying the stars that go up a few pounds of weight.

It is likely that Zac is preparing for a movie, or simply do not want to be a muscled more of the world of the show, and now you want to re-invent themselves to compete for roles with Jack Black and Danny DeVito.

You What do you think? Does the quarantine made him rethink his life? Do you realized that the chubs are out of fashion? How are you preparing for the biopic of Don Francisco? Do you want a little bit of fame Chapo Efron? Leave your answer in the comments.