A whirlwind of female empowerment

Just last year Lizzo was recognized by the Apple Music Awards as the Artist Revelation of the year. The artist visited Mexico City to give an intimate show.

The interpreter Thruth Hurts, Cuz I Love You and Jerome lived with the mexican press before his private show, who days before announced through Twitter, Warner Music Mexico. During the discussion were confirmed their confidence and security, as well as the charisma that is positively contagious.

As he says in his song Juice:

If I’m shinin’, everybody gonna shine (If I’m shining, all shining), I was born like this, don’t even gotta try (I was Born as well, you don’t even have to try).

Lizzo he rose to fame by breaking all the stereotypes that I carried as a woman and as an artist. Eliminating from the picture the idea that you have to have a ideal figure to be famous, bringing their talent to all. That’s why, their music and their lyrics have become anthems of freedom and empowerment.

The native of Detroit is one of the characters of the current pop culture’s most recognized and influential.

Lizzo in Mexico.

PHOTO: Courtesy.

In addition to being recognized by Apple Musicthe singer was nominated for eight awards Grammy last year, getting three of them: Best Pop Vocal performance Solo artist, Best Album, Urban Contemporary, and Best Vocal performance R&B Traditional.

This 2020 paints in large Lizzosince your name is already part of the headliners of big international festivals such as the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival.

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