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The April 30, we celebrated in Mexico to the childrenand we are forced to do it in a different way, as the social isolation imposed to prevent the spread of Covid-19 we have all kept in house and not go outside. Is it so, as ever, there is that put in action the creativity to be able to celebrate the boys of the house without having to go out and above all, without feeling that ‘lost’ something of the celebrations for being ‘locked up’ and that, on the contrary, feel happy to be surrounded by those who want to.

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The organization is an international non-profit, Education to share, has as its mission to teach childrenthrough the game, to become better citizens and to seek to develop in a harmonious coexistence. They achieve this by involving the children in fun activities based in sport, science, art, finance and digital, to promote values such as fair play, gender equality, tolerance, respect, empathy, responsibility and team work.

We interviewed two of their spokesmen, Andrés Riveroleader of Communication and Ana Ferraro, Operations coordinator, for us to talk about how we can celebrate this Day of the Child as atypical.

– How would you suggest to celebrate the Day of the Child in the middle of the contingency?

“The ideal is that families at home look for activities that you enjoy so much, such as games, movies, stories, or exercises that you can do together. Sometimes moms, dads and/or guardians are scheduled tasks that do not allow them to spend time with their daughters and sons still being in the house. Make a pause in our activities to celebrate the Day of the Girl child and of the Child, is the perfect excuse to have fun, at the same time that we create bonds with our children”, they answered.

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– What activities are most useful to prevent the children from getting bored and falling into a bad mood and a bad attitude?

“Play, since play is the primary language of the children and this proved that they learn much faster when they are playing. Have a list of scheduled activities and varied and include the game, may be a good option to avoid boredom. In Education to Share (EpC) we have developed a campaign called #TambiénEnCasa, where we have many activities we are going up daily and free of charge on our social networks. Through these contents, you can learn values, physical fitness, finance and digital rights of the child, among others,” he said Andrés Rivero.

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– What’s ideal is to try to keep the same routine-study fun and relaxation, and obligations of the house?

“We believe that the predominant activity should be to spend quality time and do activities you wouldn’t normally do with your daughter or son. Maintain the same dynamic that you had before the quarantine would be to ignore that there is an extraordinary situation that affects the entire world. Spend this quality time with your daughter or son, listening to their concerns and explaining what is happening, it will reduce the anxiety that this situation generates, and make it lighter for them”, replied Anne Ferraro.

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-For the guys really help in the house, now that many of us are without domestic help in what to suggest to participate?

“All and all we can contribute to the tasks of the home, regardless of this situation. For example, if you have children under the age of 5 years, can pick up their toys, sorting your clothes by color and store in drawers. On the other hand if your daughter or son is older, you can help wash the dishes you use, put on the table for all to eat, vacuum or sweep the floor”, they commented.

– Is it possible to get the guys to have fun and learn at the same time, without the activities that we propose are obviously not educational?

“Yes, we believe that play is the most powerful tool for girls and children to learn effectively. Historically it has been relegated to the game only as a recreational activity, however it is the primary language of the child, and as such, it has great value as an educational tool. In EpC we use the power of play to empower children and young people to transform their reality and be aware of the great global challenges for them and they act from the local in favour of their community. In our networks will be able to find several activities that reinforce this idea.”