Adele is the singer who refused to follow the guidelines of fame and won


Fame is a game uncertainbut the way in which you decide to play it often ends up determining how famous you will become but just ask Adele. For some, it is an imperative dictated by the desire to be seen; the desire to become the focus of attention at all times, the overriding need to appear on all the red carpets, all the tv programs and all advertising campaigns. This seems to be working for many – and the results can be spectacular when things are going well – but there is another way of being famous that is fed from the glimpses of one that a person decides to give out and the sacrifices that marked her life. This is the way in which Adele Laurie Blue Adkins has decided to play.


© Adele photographed by Annie Leibovitz, American Vogue, march 2016.

Less really is more

The recent photos of the English artist getting out of a taxi in Heathrow airport in london, while hotly debated over the phone are a loot exceptional and so quickly were shared, dissected, and turns meme up the boredom. See Adele in public is in itself a unique factto witness such sincerity and emotion, even more so.

Since a few years ago, stay out of the lens of the paparazzi has been the very recognisable Adele to position themselves with respect to the celebrity: hiding behind the public scrutiny provided that there is working on a new album. Avoid overexposure you re boring and, at the same time, taking care that the distance does not make you fall into oblivion, is a delicate task that involves knowing when to get out of the focus of attention so as to return to a relative normality. An attitude that has benefited both personally and professionally.

In the TWENTY-first century, in an era marked by the omnipresence of social networks and unlimited access to the privacy of any celebrity, be missed by the public is a privilege that few can boast. As the music industry is filled of artists obsessed with highlighting, one imagines that must remain visible and present to get the most out of the success, as if to leave the villa, most likely one ends up losing his chair. But when someone is so revered as Adele, there is no one who can snatch that spot, and that’s why you have all the freedom to take a break to reflect on his next step in life.

Celebrity reliable

But this does not mean that Adele is a star surrounded by mystery between each of their appearances. In fact, you could say that helped give life to the figure of the “celebrity horse” of the TWENTY-first century and that we now see on all sides. At the age of 19, Adele was recognized by two things: his impressive vocal ability and his distinctive sense of humour of the North of London which never gave up despite the fact that it was becoming more and more popular. He was surprised by their fame and the concept of celebrity as much as if you and I discover that we have won some Oscars, Grammys, Brit Awards, or sold 120 million albums all over the world.

Adele in the Grammy awards of 2017.

© Frank Micelotta/Shutterstock

At some point, Adele went on to sell an album every seven seconds. But even so, he could see the nerve on each concert, to let go of the swearing or be speechless in television, even sign a post unusually cathartic in Instagram, as in may of 2019, with a bold “Ball of the wild, 30 will be a disc, drum n bass just to fuck around. Be of good cheer, eh!” In an era in which the impenetrable attraction of the pop-star was to live a different life to ours, glamorous and unreachable, Adele reminded us that all the celebrities have their roots and that there is nothing wrong with respecting who we are.

In 2020, the celebrity “reliable” very often it is a construction, a tool of managers and major labels to project an image of its musicians closer to their fans. But from the output of 19, Adele has embodied that figure with complete naturalness, and the spell of fame – for more that has spilled on it – apparently he has not changed his life off the stage. The success of his second LP, 21the propelled to stardom stratospheric with a legion of fans around the world. And if you have managed to keep them in love has not been displayed in any place, but by choosing carefully where it could be seen and in what context.

The talent always wins out

Their albums are advertised with so much discretion that one does not see them arriving, have managed to reverse the effects of the leaks that both spoil the strategies perfectly developed of its peers. Not even a video leaked of her by announcing that his next album will be released in September, recorded surreptitiously during the wedding of some friends, this means that you will arrive on the date indicated. This lack of ado makes the impact of his music is much more immediate: when Adele returns with a disk, pop culture is teetering. Since we know what is able to this woman who has managed to convince us, with tenderness, of the true value of his talent. The only way to approach the story of Adele is going directly towards it. As we have seen, no figure, no tabloid has ever managed to seize your creativity.


© Adele photographed by Annie Leibovitz, American Vogue, march 2016.

The paparazzi are a force that everything they see in the entertainment industry. However, Adele only you have managed to capture a handful of times in the past few years. In fact, most of the pictures that we know of Adele come to us from his own account of Instagramthat updates once in a while for his 33.4 million followers. Lately, rather we have seen photos of her with friends or fans on the street. He has become an expert to circumvent our scrutiny, but that does not mean that you keep locked away at home: how to forget the time you broke up with Jennifer Lawrence in a gay bar in Greenwich Village in New York city last year? Or do the videos of this summer that will see you enjoy the concerts of the Spice Girls? Photographers from the tabloids still haven’t figured out how to hunt in the mode that they prefer. She appears, the photographers come, but is already gone when they arrive.

Which gives testimony to his talent to be imposed limits. While the majority of musicians get caught up in the promotion plan – an abundance of interviews and concerts with the purpose of publicizing his new material – Adele is able to create a disk that generates millions of sales, going out in a single cover and return to his family life for a while. She knows what time to stop it, while others are unable to stop, so as not to allow the desire for money becomes a priority. In their last international tour sold over 2.4 million tickets to concerts that totaled more than $ 160 million (124 million pounds). It is something that could, if it arose, to repeat every year. But then it would not do it with taste and that is why I prefer not to force things. “The applause makes me feel a bit vulnerable”, she told the audience during his concert in Auckland in 2017. “I don’t know if you re going on tour again [después de esto].”

The musicians become huge stars thanks to the decisions they make, and Adele are unique: – kept, but with an impact booster. If the video filtering has to be taken seriously, the rumors indicate that a single could go at any time; a new musical era with a view to move the mat and jar us emotionally. But we cannot more than conjecture to lack of evidence clear and convincing. In these times, only a discreet and bright star as Adele has the key of that which we all crave to know, also.

Adele is scheduled to take their fourth album this year.