Alex Morgan continues noting “golazos” despite being pregnant (VIDEO)


One of the best players of this planet earth is Alex Morgan, who in the past month of October, shouted to the four winds that you would expect a baby with his partner the footballer Servando Carrasco, who plays for THE Galaxy, causing the astonishment of all lovers of the game of football, before this, I would be away from the pitch with your club the Orlando Pride and the Selection of the united States.

To the front Alex Morganstill has the same level that we have always demonstrated and continues with that touch of ball that is well known. Through social networks has leaked a video in which we saw the player of 30 years, trained in a football field shooting at the goal, where it is speculated that it could attend to the Tokyo Olympics 2020, so you will want to stay in rhythm.

Alex Morgan has not lost the touch

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The player of Orlando Pride and the Selection of the united States and who also nominated last November to win the Golden Ball 2019 will be relieved in the month of April next. It should be recalled that the couple of players published via twitter the news. “Already we love and still we don’t know. The new member of the family Carrasco, coming soon”, is the message from Morgan and you can see in one of the photos the words ‘girl April 2020’.

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The career of Morgan painted a lovely time in 2019, as it only missed being awarded the Golden Ball, as it is opening as a mom and was crowned champion with his selection of the united States and beat the Netherlands by marker of 2-0 to be for the fourth time champions of the world.

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