Appears a video spectacular of Alex Morgan: an eye to the fall


The video of a training session under the roof recently shared by Alex Morgan in Instagram is viralizó quickly, reaching 3 million views and sparking a lively debate on the desirability or not of exercising while pregnant for 5/6 months as the crack of the women’s national team USA football and Orlando Pride.

And if in those images the Silver shoe the World France-2019 simply appears tweaking to aim with a shot on goal, now has appeared a video of Twitter that show Alex, 30 years old, also working in the open air, at the top, with runs, passes, kicks and shots.

In an action, the charismatic player falls to the ground, but always protecting her belly, and without problems to continue later on with the guidelines to maintain the tone and physical form.

Attention is called to the spectacular level of fitness of an Alex that safe setbacks will be the mother of a girl in April, and that she wants to return in time to enter in the contest for the Olympic Games of Tokyo-2020. (CATCH @alexmorgan13)