Bella Thorne kisses a blonde girl of 19 years and turns on the social networks


One of the former stars of Disney’s more attractive today is Bella Thorne and on this occasion proved that he has a great friendship to appear next to a beautiful young blonde named Ava Caceres, a singer from australia, to record what is one of the videos most ardent out there that have this 2020.

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The beautiful girl Ava has started to make inroads to the music industry with the right foot, as her song “Be Somebody” is being a great success, since he was accompanied by the beautiful Bella Thorne, however, what caught the attention was a scene in particular in which they appear coqueteandose and end up by getting too close, to the extent of giving a passionate kiss.

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Bella took the opportunity to help your friend to promote your song, so decided to share a snippet with his 22 million followers on Instagram, more specifically the time in which you are kissing passionately, causing it to social networks went up.

We note a lot of the great attraction that exists between them, however it is not known if they have some kind of relationship. The young Ava also shared a photo of them together on his official Instagram, inviting fans to observe the interview he had with Billboard, telling what was the inspiration of the young to write the song, because it was in a very difficult time for her and she hopes to be able to help those who will listen.

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Let’s remember that Bella Thorne reassured some time ago that people often feel confused and do not understand why, but maybe if you read his new book will help to clarify things. “People are constantly approaches me, directors, producers, people who are in the industry, and he tells me things like, “you really judged them wrongly, you’re so different, Beautiful… I wish that all the world will know of a truth'”.

Published a poetry book entitled “The Life of a Wannabe Mogul: Mental Disarray Vol. 1” (Rare Bird Books) in which he writes of his personal struggles, his relationships, sexual abuse, depression and dyslexia.