Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick, premiered A small favor with a very different style


While Blake Lively still committed to the “looks” male in a suit, Anna Kendrick choose something more feminine look of a miniskirt. The actresses were A small favor in London, a thriller that promises to get us hooked to the chair of the film and the character of Blake Lively is about a woman mysterious and elegant.

Like his character in the film, Blake Lively seems obsessed with suits male in his last appearances, and this time he has chosen a set of american, vest and pant width Ralph Lauren Collection in pink. To this style that dandy was not lacking, nor the tie. Although Blake this divine all, we already want to see her again with long dresses, because the dresses we starting to bore you a little.

Blake Anna 2

The look of Anna Kendrick we don’t finish to convince, very 2000’s with white t-shirt, long necklace and skirt of sequin black. A look somewhat bland and with the that do not get dazzled. What we liked are their sandals Giuseppe Zanotti decorated with brilliant diamonds.

Blake Anna 3

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