Britney Spears filled with compliments to Robert Downey Jr. after finding the hobby final to deal with the quarantine


Britney Spearshas found a new hobby to cope with the quarantine. In addition to staying active and communicating with your fans, by sending positive messages and encouraging them, now the singer has discovered a new gift. Becoming present on social networks, the diva pop filled with praise Robert Downey Jr. after starting to review films.

Your choice this week was Dolittlethe first work of the actor after his departure from Marvel Studios. The tape Robert Downey Jr. not obtained the expected receipt in his step through the halls, facing millions in losses. Even so, the blonde has good arguments as to his 23 million followers, to give you a second chance while they remain in their homes.

This film is a must-see! @RobertDowneyJr it is so genuine that you fall in love with him. The animal characters are hilarious and seems to have a special tone throughout the film that I find difficult to find these days”, began the conversation the interpreter “Toxic”. Britney Spears spared no compliments to the actor, highlighting his characterization and calling him a “bright”.

“So if you see this movie and you are so in love as I am with their jackets and clothing… don’t miss out like I did. Just remember that this is a man who can talk with animals and it is brilliant”. Spears later added that already can not remember how many films he has seen in this quarantine, which judging by his words, has become his new hobby.

The new facet of the singer as a film critic has been well received by their fans. Many of them have asked for more recommendations film, while others told them what are theirs. Some, a much more lively, asked even his return to the industry, which has seen it make its debut with “Crossroads” in the year 2002.