Britney Spears sets fire to the gym of your house with some candles


If we had to define Britney Spears, could not do better than by alluding to that Briney, simply, is Britney. For those who have not done so already, we recommend that you give a follow on Instagram to the account of the artist, because it is not to be bored or you will regret it doing so. The last thing that has surprised us is a video telling her last accident in the home.

Yes, almost without time to recover from that foot fracture by turning madly on itself dancing in the living room of his house (and repeat the movement nothing more to take off the plaster, because she is Britney and is guided by their own impulses), the has become a mess. Without the need of skipping the landfill.

What have you done? Burn down the gym you have in your home where you take care of that body that displays with your collection of tops regularly in their post. How? With something so silly as a few candles. Why? We have already warned in the beginning: Britney is just Britney.

Anyway, I prefer to do exercise outside”

It was an accident… but yeah, I burned my“says the gym to their backs, and before you continue with the details: “I Went through the gym door and the flames, ¡BOOM!!! Grace of God, the alarm was activated and no one was hurt”. And speaking of the damage of materials that has suffered: “Unfortunately now I only have two pieces of my equipment, and a mirror on one side only”.

Spears topped off the text next to the video in which you can see the extent of the tragedy: “But it could be much worse, so I am grateful. Pssss anyway, I prefer to exercise outside”. Who cannot be consoled, is because they do not want to.