Camila Arteche recreates the dance more sexy of Jennifer Lopez in the challenge Super Bowl TikTok


Many have been the people that during the quarantine by the coronavirus have come to the platform of fashion social networks TikTok to create content and share it with your followers fun videos in which they give vent to their creativity and showcase some of their skills.

One of the cuban that has pointed to this trend has been the actress Camila Arteche, who has opened an account and made your first video on TikTok.

To break the ice all over the top, the artist, who recently celebrated their 30 yearshas joined to make the famous challenge of the dance of the last edition of the Super Bowl and recreate the spectacular dancing that ran the american actress and singer Jennifer Lopez during his presentation at the intermediate of the sports event most followed in the world.

Camila shared the result of their challenge on social networks, and invited all his fans to follow him in this new virtual adventure.

“My first TikTok. I must confess that I woke up with the neck in candela. But nevertheless, what new challenge would you like to do? By the way, if you still do not follow me, I gave them the link in the bio,” said the actress.

Several have been fans of Camila that have been more than surprised with their movements and with how well she did the choreography of The Diva of the Bronxso that more than one has been called “The Jlo cuban”.

“It is a pleasure to see your work come following a long time ago and their work is welcomed for any project that you do”, “What a wonderful. The JLo cuban,” “I am very well, congratulations, that we have women that everything we do well,” “Our, Jennifer Lopez of Cuba, what flavor are you”, you can read in the post of Camila.

Camila has surprised on more than one occasion with her gifts for the dance. A few days ago uploaded a video belonging to his appearances on cuban television in which he appeared next to two young in salsa dancing as a professional.