Cardi B shares the suffering of shaving the area of intimacy with wax


The singer Cardi B has not allowed the quarantine caused by the COVID-19 he is unable to continue with their beauty treatmentsbut for what we have been able to see, he has paid expensive judging by their cries of pain when you have shaved the area of the bikini.

“Today is the day of pain”, so announced the singer herself to her followers in your profile Instagram, where he anticipated the process that would hours later.

Although it is not known whether he left his home in Atlanta, or if the specialists visited, the rapper dominican-american was recorded this Sunday, April 26, with a mask, taking protective measures against the COVID-19, and lying on a stretcher while she applied wax on their private parts.

In the videos shared in their stories of Instagram, Cardi B shouts moments before the hair removal and even calls the woman who is putting nails to the hand in the form of support.

Despite the calm that seemed to have the rest of the staff, the singer shouted “no, no, wait, wait”, before you cry and scream of pain. And that is that she, like many people around the world, you choose hair removal with wax to remove hair of the body, as the roots out from the root. But despite the effectiveness it is known that this mechanism is very painful.

The artist is taking advantage of the free time that offers the quarantine to share everything that happens in your daily life. The most recent was the video that went up a few days ago, in which he is seen crying for not being able to go out to eating sushisomething that also caused controversy among his followers, to complain about something that today is of no importance.