Cardi B shows his real hair he looks like another! | News


Behind the wigs lacias and colors Cardi B there is a natural hair that not only makes her look very beautiful but it seems like a woman totally different.

We are accustomed to seeing extravagant looks of Cardi B. Your hair of course form part of it. That’s why, to see her in the natural surprised more of one then she same to share in their stories Instagram its true look.

Look at my hair, this is my real hair, I will wash“said the rapper while they settle in to their videos.

Later uploaded a photo of what it looked like four years ago, when still did not know the wigs and wore a look much more natural. Without a doubt, Cardi B is unrecognizable when wearing your hair natural.

Recently the singer of “I like it” was made viral by showing their fear towards the Coronavirus. Your video is then made a music remix much-talked-about on social networks.