Carlos Rivera does a Britney Spears and shaving completely


Carlos Rivera made a Britney Spears and rapa in full, the singer left without encouragement to all your followers, then they share in your account Instagram a photography with a change of lookthat he himself made during this quarantine.

In accordance with I Am Carmine, Rivera is shaved off completely due to the lack of salons because as you all know are closed due to the pandemic of coronavirus.

Not only Carlos Riverabut other artists have also been shaved or have made a change of image for themselves, achieving more popularity among their fansbecause everyone likes their artists to be challenging with their looks.

Carlos he ran with good luck, since more than one they liked the lookevidence of this were the more than 219 thousand “Likes” received in less than an hour, in addition to several comments.

“Still you what paint color güero,” “I say that what follows is you to take off that t-shirt”, “I am totally into you”, “you’re very handsome Carlitos”, “you look very attractive as well”, “woow I am totally into you”, are some of the comments it received Carlos.

Carlos it has become the center of attention of these moments, as the magazine TVNotas revealed a few hours ago that the singer and your wedding actress Cynthia Rodriguez already living together, so that internet users ensure that they missed the wedding the what many were expecting; so far, none of the 2 has confirmed the fact.

There are few times that Carlos and Cynthia talk about your romancebecause they like to keep it in private, because on more than one occasion have made speculations, which do not want to stand in their romance.

(Imelda Tellez)