Charles Barkley says LeBron James would not want to have anything to do with the Bad Boy Pistons


The analyst for TNT Charles Barkley gave a great opportunity to LeBron James as part of the endless debate of GOAT between the star of The los Angeles Lakers and Michael Jordan. In reference to the trials and tribulations of Jordan, as shown on the docuseries for ESPN “The Last Dance”, Barkley asked James that I would not want to be part of the Bad Boy Pistons, who regularly managed to Jordan with a harsh physical punishment:

“I love LeBron, but I think by the way you play the game today, he didn’t want a part of those Bad Boy Pistons,” said Barkley during a conversation of Zooming with the head coach at Kentucky, John Calipari.

Unlike Jordan, James already had the body of an experienced professional when he entered the league, but MJ was formed over time to better withstand the physical beatings that he received. However, the nature of flagrant abuse that the Bad Boys were handed out is one that is only exceeded with hardness mental elite.

The Lakers star has proved his mental strength in several defeats of the playoffs, including many in the NBA finals. It was tested in the first part of his career for his lack of shooting capability of sound, and struggle with problems on the line until the day of today as a shooter-free shooting of a lower quality for a player of elite level.

It is likely that Barkley will not jump to many conclusions when you say this, considering that James has a history of advocating for the calls, something that would not be disposed of during the 80’s and 90’s “no blood, no missing.”

Jordan miraculously, he survived the physical game constantly and became a stronger opponent and a better pin to finally overcome those Detroit Pistons in the Finals of the Eastern Conference of 1991. Barkley is not wrong here for thinking that James could not have fought against those same Pistons as did Jordan through the pinnacle of his career.