“Chris Pratt helped me during the crisis of Spider-Man”


Tom Holland:

We were all partakers of the great crisis of Spider-Man. The agreement broken between Sony and Marvel, led to Tom Holland the pass very badly. But luckily, the actor had the support of Chris Pratt, his partner within the UCM.

The famous crisis between Sony and Marvel it was one of the hottest topics of 2019, where we learned that the agreement between the two producers had been broken. Even though fans had pretty bad, the worst the happened was Tom Holland, who gives life now Spider-Man. The actor confessed to have been “devastated and very angry”, but luckily it was the contention of his colleague Chris Pratt.

In an interview with Variety at the preview of Onwardthe film that shares with Pratt, Tom Holland is honest about the role that I had had this during that hard time with Spider-Man: “Everyone supported me, obviously, but Chris and I were together in the backstage [de la D23 Expo] before we named the stage. I told him the news because he didn’t know, and I said: “No, that’s not going to happen. Not going to happen. They are going to fix it and, if not, you’ll be fine. You’re going to be okay.” So it was great to have him on my part because this is someone I admire and I appreciate. I am glad that we are good friends”.

Tom Holland:

The salvation

On other occasions, the actor who plays Spider-Man had already commented how worried he was, both for the future of the character as by his ownwhy Bob Iger, ceo of Disney, called it: “I did it because I knew that I was very concerned about (…) and he knew how important it was for him and how important he was to us. I said, “please. Is there anything you can do? Please, lord, please?”. And I replied: “Tom, I will try””. The rest is already known: Spidey was finally in the UCM thanks to Tom and to the insistence of the fans.