Corina, the little with cancer which shook the heart of Shakira


A girl took all the attention of Shakira, who sent an emotional message and declared himself a fan.

29 Apr 2020 17:33By:

By means of an emotional video, the colombian singer joined a foundation that helps children that suffer from cancer, to tell them that they are not alone and encourage them to fulfill their dreams.

In the video, Shakira will let her know the little Corina will become one of your followers because I really like the content that it generates. The barranquilla also asked him to let her see dancing and singing, encouraging her to move forward.

In the video posted by @juegaterapiaorg on Instagram, you can see the happiness of the little Corina, who could not believe that the singer Shakira send him a message, and more, that are interested in your talent.

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“Corina, she is @shakira . Shakira, she is Corina. We present these two girls are beautiful, we exchanged laughs and dances and ¡chas! a beautiful friendship on-line has emerged between them. We keep telling our kids #NoEstásSolo. Nothing more far away, the isolation takes a little better in the best of companies. Because we know that love overcomes all distances… just Follow, kids!”, wrote the foundation with the emotional video of the meeting between Shakira and Corina.

For its part, Shakira shared in your IGTV the video that the small and feisty Corina sent him back to show your talent and charisma, confirming that it has become a Corituber, not only by the dance steps of Corina, but because of his great teaching and example of life.

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In this way, Shakira proved once more its social commitment to help the children and be a great example for them, filling them with love, smiles and dreams to fulfill every one of your dreams.