Coronavirus | Tom Holland: Actor Marvel shows your exercise routine during the quarantine [VIDEO]


Tom Holland continues to work out in the quarantine. As you know, the actor that gives life to Spider-Man maintains a strict routine to follow in the form and continue playing the famous superhero Marvel. This time, from the quarantine, showed a very particular order to strengthen your muscles.

In their stories of Instagram, the star of 23 years said that he would meet a challenge of exercises quite difficult. It is standing on both hands, and put on the garment top, in this case, a t-shirt. Before you start with the routine, the popular Spider-Man removed the garment to show how it works with the routine.

Thank you for this challenge impossible” says Tom Holland with clear difficulty to keep the challenge. “How do you do this, friend?” in response to a colleague who challenged him to continue with the chain. With much effort, the protagonist of “Spider-Man: Far from home” introduced her arms to the garment from the uncomfortable position.

Finally, the british artist managed to be part of the t-shirt and met with the complex exercise to keep your muscles strong. “I nominate Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds,” he said in reference to the actors playing Mysterio and Deadpool in the movies Marvel.


Since a few days ago Tom Holland said he felt some discomfort and autoaislaría at home until you feel better.. Despite the concern of their fans for a possible contagion of coronavirusthe young star seems to have enhanced health and stays healthy with home exercises.

On the other hand, the actor of Marvel also affected by the massive purchases at supermarkets, because did not find eggs when you were shopping. However, Holland follows the philosophy of “bad weather, good face”, and bought a few chickens to become your own supplier of this vital food during the quarantine period.