Covid-19: the solidarity is the new trend of fashion


Editor’s note: Mari Rodriguez Ichaso has been a collaborator of the magazine’s Vanities, for more than two decades. Specialist in fashion, travel, gastronomy, art, architecture and entertainment. Film production company. Columnist Style of CNN in Spanish.

(CNN Spanish) — It seems that now nothing will be the same. The goals, routines, priorities have changed. The figures indicate the gravity of what we, the so-called not to be selfish, to think of others. And that call has led some companies, despite facing financial challenges and have had to take difficult decisions, they also want to help and be supportive.

It is pleasing to see as the fashion world, that so much beauty, innovation and emotions brings to life, has responded to the crisis of the covid-19. And from its workshops and factories around the world, says to us, “we’re here to help” and is joined, shoulder to shoulder, to the battle that affects us all.

Unfortunately, some firms such as Ann Taylor, Macy’s, Loft, Lane Bryant and Neiman Marcus have had to take painful decisions to lay off many employees due to the temporary closure of their shops.

Those that have made a turn for the offer help, whether producing hand sanitizer or face masks, are particularly courageous at this time, when the fashion industry was suffering, due to changes in customs of dress, the choice of clothing more practical and economical and a new vision of our lives. To this is added the on-line shopping impacting the sales in shops and shopping centres, and resulted in many cases, the cancellation of parades and the cost-cutting.

And now, to announce donations in the millions and an international aid clear and direct, the fashion industry says this when it is needed most. And his generosity provokes in us a deep gratitude, which many will remember when we get back to normal and recover little by little our lifestyle.

It heroes of fashion!

It is impossible to name them all, because there are many “soldiers” volunteers in this battle of solidarity, but –for example – in the united States, the Estée Lauder Companies (owners of Clinique, Estée Lauder, La Mer, Jo Malone, etc) from the very beginning became its laboratories in Long Island, in centres of production of thousands of bottles of gels and disinfectants for use in hospitals and healthcare employees. And as it is a major international company with sales all over the world, and donated initially US$ 2 million to help the nonprofit organization Doctors without Borders. And its popular brand MAC announced the donation of US$ 10 million to 250 international organizations in their fight against the virus!

The Chanel brand, without hesitation, in addition to cash donations to various organizations, started making masks and protective suits for health care professionals, who join the thousands already provided by Gucci, flagship in donations to the Civil Protection Department of Italy and the World Health Organization.

Taking his place in the battle, we need the US$ 10 million in cash and thousands of masks and protective clothing, donated personally by Ralph Lauren to the Fund of Solidarity Response covid-19 and other institutions. And in a beautiful gesture of great generosity, Lauren has recalled the obstacles she faced in the beginning of his career, and has donated an amount alfondo CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund to help new designers are able to keep their business, and not have to close and dismiss their employees. A thousand times bravo!

Inditex, the powerful Spanish company that owns Zara, Massimo Dutti, Stradivarius and other brands of international renown, from the beginning has produced and donated thousands of masks and protective clothing. And their factories don’t stop working to help fight the pandemic that so much damage has been caused in Spain!

Prada opened —and will cover all the expenses— from 6 wards of intensive care at 3 hospitals in Milan, re-orienting its factory in Perugia to the production of masks and protective clothing for all hospitals of the Italian Tuscany that much needed.

The group of brands from LVMH (Dior, Givenchy, Kenzo, Bulgari, etc) has destined for his factories of perfumes in France for making gels, disinfectants (that are expected to be sent in the name of Bulgari to a number of hospitals italians)- and has donated more than 100 million protective facemasks –while your competitor in the business, the Group Kering (whose owner is Francois-Henri Pinault, husband of Salma Hayek) are using the factories of their brands (Gucci, already mentioned, in addition to Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, and others) to produce thousands of masks. And the group Coty –owners of Calvin Klein and covergirl, among other brands – has donated thousands of bottles of hand sanitizer, masks and protective clothing, in addition to cash to many organizations.

Two fashion giants, Giorgio Armani and Versace, have not spared your help –especially to his beloved Italy. Armani has donated almost US$2 million to hospitals and Italian Donatella Versace to US$ 200,000 to the Hospital San Raffaele of Milan, with which the family, as I was told by a personal friend of the Versace, he has worked closely.

The very much in vogue canadian brand coats Canada Goose is putting together thousands of pieces of protective clothing for hospitals in Canada and has donated US$ 1 million to help health-care facilities that need help.

The giant Swedish H&M, through its charitable foundation, has donated US$ 500,000 to the covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund, and has allocated another million to the production of protective clothing which it distributes in the several hospitals and health organizations around the world.

The English brand Burberry has said this, donating thousands of uniforms and masks for healthcare workers in all hospitals in the United Kingdom, in addition to contribute to fund the creation of a vaccine that is being developed by scientists at the University of Oxford.

The classic american brand BrookBrothers has reopened their factories of New York, North Carolina, and Massachusetts in order to make pieces of protective clothing for doctors, and uniforms for healthcare workers.

Large stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue are also part of this army, solidary fashion, and has donated significant amounts of money to the New York-Presbyterian Covid-19 Patient Care Fund, and organizing

– very important!- educational programs to help children and young students, whose lives, families, and emotional state have been deeply affected by the pandemic. You do it through associations like the Bring Change to Mind, and Girls Inc.

American brands of underwear such as Jockey, Hanes and Fruit of the Loom also join this battle and make masks and health protection, along with designer brands such as Raúl Peñaranda, Christian Sirian (the first designer of this country begin to make masks), Carolina Herrera (production of uniforms and gowns, protective), Alejandra Rojas, COS, MANGO, Sandro, Calzedonia, GEOX, Intimissimi, Falconeri and many more. The company Sperry, for example, has donated a 3,000 pairs of shoes when Two TenFootwear Foundation (which helps the homeless).

In addition to clothing…

The English company, owner of brands of luxury cars Jaguar and Land Rover has donated hundreds of vehicles to the International Red Cross and the National Health Service in the Uk, adding thousands of protective eyewear for healthcare professionals. And the Italian brand of luxury cars Lamborghini is making in its facilities in both dressing gowns sanitary as the much needed sun visors protective.

And this is just the beginning of a beautiful solidarity movement in the world of fashion and design that is deeply appreciated!

Bravo, great match!