DC Comics says good-bye to Margot Robbie, who plays Harley Queen


Birds of Prey to be a failure in the cinemas, Warner decided to say goodbye the beautiful actress Margot Robbie who plays the villain now anti-hero Harley Queen.

Harley Queen is one of the characters most acclaimed within the DC Universe, and Margot Robbie has been commissioned to interpret this character on two occasions with Suicide Squat and the current film Birds of Prey.

The first two certainly surprised everyone and I think a whole avalanche of fans who wanted more, but in this new movie disappointed all because his charisma was not enough.

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According to sources, Warner Bros plans to have double or replacements for the future in case you spend anything. As well as, confessed to the introduction of the character into the universe that Matt Reeves is creating along with Robert Pattinson, but the actress could be another.

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Matt Reeves wants to include the Dr. Harleen Quinzel in the next movie knight of the night, and all points that the character will have a new trilogyand because of that the tape develops outside the DCEU, Margot Robbie may not be able to interpret this anti-hero, so the study is already in the search for another actress that may replace it.

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The study is not to not happy about it with the low performance of Birds of Prey that has been in cinemas so if this new actress manages to better interpret the character and you win by your since the approval of the fans, be deemed to be replaced to Robbie definitely.

Surely this will keep you with pressure to the artist as his role as Harley Queen danger.

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As we have been given to know, this would not be the only Harley that could exist already that if he makes a sequel Joker it is more likely that the Dr. Harleen Quinzel also appears in the film for what is already there would be three actresses of different playing the same character.