Drake sleeps on a mattress of almost $ 400,000



After six years working in the construction of an impressive home in their Toronto home that has been baptized as ‘The Embassy’, Drake has wanted to share the end result of their efforts with the magazine Architectural Digest to show off the luxuries you have included in each stay.

The rapper has paid special attention to the master bedroom of 300 square feet to convert it into his personal paradise in which to unwind at the end of the day, solo or accompanied, and if you fancy, enjoy a drink without the need to leave the bed. The headboard, adorned with leather and an old mirror, it has a bar cabinet built, equipped with whiskey and champagne.

The mattress that you have chosen to complete the structure is not far behind: it is a true work of art that weighs half a ton, with corners of leather, and details of brass, and priced according to its exclusivity, as it is valued at 390.000 dollars.

This model known as the ‘Grand Vividus’ has been created by the Swedish company Hästens in collaboration with the designer Ferris Rafauli and Drake has managed to make with the first thing that has been on the market, although there are nine reserved and paid in advance. These exclusive mattresses takes 600 hours to be made by hand using only natural materials such as cotton, linen, wool, and horsehair of horse, and its creators estimate that they will be able to make a maximum of twelve per year, according to have explained to the magazine Vice.